Streamlined Installation Process

The ADIOS de-icing system boasts an uncomplicated installation process, applicable to both existing operational wind turbines and new wind blades under construction. For retrofit installations, the ADIOS system can be seamlessly integrated with the wind blade still attached to the turbine hub. In the case of new wind blades, the system is installed after the blade’s construction is fully completed, ensuring that it does not disrupt the lamination process of the composite structure.

Preserved Mechanical Integrity

Featuring heating elements placed atop the leading edge of the wind blade, the ADIOS system is designed to complement rather than integrate into the laminate structure. This strategic placement simplifies installation, maintenance, and system monitoring. Consequently, the ADIOS system is universally compatible with any wind blade, eliminating the need for mechanical evaluations of the blade’s structure.

Performance in Extreme Conditions

The ADIOS system is uniquely equipped to tackle the challenges of severe cold climates. It prevents ice formation on the leading edge through a series of electrical elements strategically designed to generate heat precisely where needed. When paired with an efficient ice detection system, the ADIOS system prevents ice accumulation effectively, without wasting energy.