What is the main issue for wind turbines in cold climate?

To optimize your AEP (Annual Energy Production, ADIOS Technology is the universal and retrofittable heating solution for your wind farm. Our technology is present were your icing problem arises, to prevent or protect your rotorblade against ice.

Icing problem

  • Loss of energy production

  • High maintenance costs

  • Long ROI (Return On Investment)

  • Dangerous situations

Wind turbine performance

  • Reduce aerodynamic penalty –  loss of AEP

  • Avoid forces stops –  loss of AEP

  • Avoid adverse turbine loading – loss of lifetime

  • Reduce risk of ice throw – loss of acceptance

ADIOS Technology

  • Improvement of AEP

  • Social acceptance

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • ROI system ≤ 3 years

Key Features

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